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Your Home & Business

Your home and your business are your most important assets. Safe and Secure Systems provides you security you can depend on to protect your home from unwanted invasion – PLUS: control your alarm system from anywhere, anytime with your mobile device.


Ensure the safety of your family, home and business with a security system that is robust and secure. Monitor your home and business with remote mobile access. Safe and Secure Systems provides you with the best solutions in today’s marketplace.

Ask about Safe and Secure Systems’ smoke/heat detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, glass-break detectors, remote controls, medical/police panic pendants and more.

You’re in Control

The easy-to-use, modern system Control Panel keypad and your mobile device put​ you in control of your security system, anywhere, anytime.

All Level Protection

Your Safe and Secure System provides you with door and window protection. All entries, including sliding glass doors AND overhead garage doors, are protected. Plus, our motion detectors will sense unwanted movement from intruders in the areas they cover.

Alarm Confirmation

The 24/7, year-round, professional monitoring station operators respond instantly to an alarm, police, fire or medical emergency. During those times, the operator is able to speak with you over the system’s built-in, two-way voice communication system. They will also call the persons on your emergency list if you cannot be reached.

Panic Sequence

In the unfortunate event that an unwanted intruder forces you to enter your “ALL CLEAR” code at the alarm panel, you may, instead, enter your alternate “Hostage-Duress” code. This will generate an immediate silent police dispatch without setting off the alarm or alerting the intruder.


Our Customers Say it Best!

Ultimate Family Protection

Your new security system will handle almost every situation. Features include​ police dispatch; smoke and fire detection; plus, medical alerts. Ask about our wireless medical/panic alert buttons; remote controls (keyfobs); and, other great protective devices.

FREE In-Home

Let us visit with you, answer all your questions and engineer the proper system for your home or business.

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About Safe and Secure Systems

We are one of your best local choices. We cover California’s Central Valley providing home and business security systems. Safe and Secure Systems helps protect your family, your pets and your property. Today’s technology provides you the opportunity for an affordable and easy-to-use home security system from Safe and Secure Systems.

Safe and Secure Systems provides practical solutions to meet your security needs, keeping a watchful eye on what is most precious to you. The fact is, two out of three burglaries target the family home. This happens primarily because 90% of American homes offer very little challenge to criminals.
Adding a security alarm system from Safe and Secure Systems empowers you to not only feel but, to be secure in the places that matter most to you – your home and business.

Fire ravages hundreds of thousands of homes each year, causing thousands of casualties and billions of dollars in damage. Residential fire detection system devices can help prevent tragedy and heartbreak associated with these fires. Don’t leave your family, your home unprotected.

Our new state-of-the-art technology, fast response times, and thoroughly trained operators, installers and staff are ready to serve you. In one short visit to your home or business, we will assess your specific needs then create a custom security system to meet your budget.

Our security systems are professionally installed and monitored, simple to use, and offer you the latest technology. This allows you to keep tabs on things right from your smartphone, tablet or PC. Best of all, Safe and Secure Systems’ monitoring rates have remained affordable over the years.

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Since 1997

Our Mission

PROTECTION – One word sums it up. Plus, we take every aspect of customer security and satisfaction very seriously and THAT is what drives Safe and Secure Systems. We believe that protecting your home and business and delivering 24/7 quality assurance to make you, your business personnel and your entire family feel relaxed is the main reason why we’ve become a leader in the Central Valley for over twenty years.

Our Vision

We aim to provide you with the best solution to protect your family, your home, your business and employees from theft, hostage, fire and medical emergencies. This is what we bring to you, your home and business. Our customer service is there for you when you need us. That means the world to us and is one of the reasons why we’ve enjoyed success helping families and companies just like yours up and down the San Joaquin Valley.

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We have systems that are custom designed to accommodate your needs. Contact us and learn how we can help you today.

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Naturally you are under no pressure or obligation. That said, find out how well Safe and Secure Systems can help protect your home, family and business. You’ll be surprisingly pleased when you discover just how affordable quality and dependability can be.